My name is Purity. Of late I have been feeling a little off, unaware of myself; one may call it derealozation.

As a young girl I used to love what I loved unapologetically but now as an adult, i feel like what I used to like is a failed hobby that is not income generating.

Well that’s what I used to think…

I want things to change now. I want to be that little girl again and that girl loved to draw. Voila! There it is! That is what my blog will be about: A little girl who loves art.

This is the first picture I drew this year, that I was actually proud of.

Sure it is not good but I am in the process of learning. That is the Whole point of this blog, to be myself and to watch myself grow.

So join me in this journey. Spread the word. Feel free to talk to me about anything at all..

Thank you.


Published by puritygenics

Humble, a hardworker and a peacegiver and seeker

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