I would like to dedicate this painting to all women as we mark International Women’ Day today. Sure it is not the best painting out there but it was inspired by the love of all women in my life including myself.

” Women are like teabags, they dont’t realize how strong they are until they are in hot water” -Meghan Markle-

I have experienced more than I should have up to this point in my life but I am proud of myself for hanging on to hope.

If you are a woman out there or you have any woman in your life, I would like you to remind them or yourself that you are the best version of yourself, you are strong and you are needed. Whatever you are going through is not permanent, It will end and you will evolve and if you are in a good place, stay there, do things that will make you happy and never allow negativity into your life.



Published by puritygenics

Humble, a hardworker and a peacegiver and seeker

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